Women in Business: Try Wineing Away the Tax Blah’s!

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Tax Day is April 15th. If you’re a woman in business you may be feeling a little worried or even whiny about the whole process.  You might be wondering how much you’re going to be paying or what you owe, and then how you’ll pay what you owe. (See how our mind can wind around itself with worry?)

Of course, if you’re on top of your record keeping over the past year you know which way it’s going to go. And, if you’re paying taxes, that’s a good thing, because it means you MADE money!!  Yeah you!

But some of us women in business aren’t on top of their money game and feel reactive at this time of year and are madly gathering info for your tax person. Make a vow to be more proactive next year and hire a bookkeeper (it’s worth the expense) who will keep the numbers for you, or put a system into place like Quickbooks. Do it now, not next December. 

Whether you’re in the mood to WHINE or WINE, it’s ok.

Here’s what a group of friends and I are doing to COPE with tax time. We’re gathering together to WHINE (not much) and then to WINE away the Tax Blah’s and oh yes, eat. Doesn’t this sound a lot more fun than worrying or avoiding?

I want to suggest you do the same – start inviting. You’ll feel better and so will your friends. Then, go see the tax person and resolve (and support each other) to be more PROACTIVE next year.


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