The Money Gorilla: What What Does a Gorilla Have to Do with Making Money for Women in Business?


What does a Gorilla have to do with making money for women in business? There’s an experiment that shows a videotape* of six college students on a basketball court. Three are wearing white shirts, three dark shirts. The instructor asks them to randomly pass a ball amongst themselves and asks the audience to count only the number of passes between the white-shirted students in one minute. About halfway through the process a woman in a gorilla suit slowly walks through the students, who ignore her. The gorilla turns and faces the camera and pounds her chest. Then she leaves the circle.

You’d think the gorilla would catch the attention of the audience, right? BUT 60% of the audience DOES NOT see the gorilla!!!!**

Where is the hidden Gorilla with your money?  We often don't see our money habits that are getting in the way of making the $$ we want, or managing it effectively because we're focused on other things.

What are some of the top money blind spots for women?  A big gorilla with women in business is  avoiding rather than paying enough attention to their money in conscious and proactive ways.

Whatever is uncomfortable is human nature to avoid – but to be successful we can’t afford to not pay attention. What aren't we paying attention to?  # 1 is SAVING enough of our hard earned money.

Here’s a quick NumbersCheck List you can use to stay AWARE of the Gorilla. Because until we're on top of our numbers, it's hard to manifest more money.

Net Profit – monthly and annual - Do you track and stay aware of your cash flow? I suggest doing this weekly.

Monthly & Annual Expenses - "It's not just the money we make - but the money we keep," says Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad book series.

DEBT: Add up all the credit card balances for a – take a breath – TOTAL.  Knowledge keeps the Gorilla visible!!

Debt payment plan – How much each month will pay off balances by when? Take ACTION.

Cushion Savings Account – Automatic Deduction each month builds savings faster than you'd think!!

Retirement Savings Account – Start with something small - something is better than nothing. $25.00 a month for 20 years is better than waiting until you’re in your 50s to get started.

Want to know your Money Type? The Money Types are a fun, unique way to discover your Money Strengths & Challenges by taking The Money Quiz.

 Resources: *There’s a great YouTube clip called The Monkey Business Illusion produced by Daniel Simon **Using Your Brain to Win in Today’s Hyper-Paced World  by Holly G Givens)


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