Couples Money Coaching*

Are you tired of the same old fight about money? Can you imagine the different future that’s possible when you and your spouse are on the same “money” page?

Couples Money Coaching helps you have better understanding and compassion for why your partner behaves with money as they do. As you go through the 4 Step System together the aha’s that develop from the process shift the same old fights into new action and commitment.

Here’s What Couples Money Coaching* Offers:

  • Understand your couple money history and the scripts and money patterns that often operate below your conscious radar.
  • Solve the mystery and connect the dots of how your and your spouses’s family’s beliefs, habits and actions with money, and the present day behaviors and challenges got started.
  • Identify your and your partner’s Money Type to assess the strengths and challenges of the ways you currently manage or mismanage money.
  • Complete a Life Inventory that focuses on the skills, talents and abilities you and your spouse have developed and illuminate any underutilized skills or talents. As your money awareness shifts, money is able to flow more easily and proactively and your ability to manage your money greatly improves. You literally Re-Design your relationship with money. 

Sessions available in-person, by phone or Skype.

Call Lynn for Your FREE 15 Minute Phone Session about a Specific Money Challenge – (209) 492-8745 or email Lynn to set up your appointment. 




(*Money Coaching System copyright material developed by Deborah Price, Money Coaching Institute and used with permission)