Who Is Lynn Telford-Sahl - The Money Coach?

I have an M.A. in Psychology and I'm a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and Certified Addiction Counselor who helps women solve their money problems, break through money barriers and live their dreams.  I know how to do this because I have overcome my own money struggles and have helped many others do the same.

Can you relate to any of these money mistakes that women typically make? Under-earn, over-work, over-service clients, over-shop or over-spend, have too much debt and don't save enough for the future.

I have helped women (and men) solve their money challenges using the 4-Step Money Coaching System. This proven system quickly illuminates patterns, beliefs and obstacles that get in the way of reaching your full financial potential.  I also offer Women's Money Circle groups along with Individual and Couples Money Coaching. 

I speak nationally about financial topics such as "3 Steps to Turn Financial Stress into Freedom," or "Mind Over Money." I am also the author of the “hit” book (NY Daily News) Intentional Joy: How to Turn Stress, Fear & Addiction into Freedom and The Greatest Change of All, A spiritual novel about women managing the changes of life with fun, food and connection.  Both are available here or Amazon or B & N and now on Kindle or Nook.