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Prosperity Power and Peace
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Prosperity, Power & Peace: The Women’s Guide to Financial Freedom eCourse: 

As a recovering financial blonde who has made most of the mistakes with money one can make, I’m still continually EXCITED about what money has to teach us women about ourselves and our potential.

Prosperity, Power & Peace is for women who are ready for things to be different with their money.

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What IF You Could Be Your Own Financial Fairy Godmother and...?

  • Be confident and relaxed about money, rather than insecure or confused?
  • Understand how your relationship with money drives your financial decisions.
  • Stop blaming or guilting yourself for financial struggles.
  • Know your dreams to buy a home, go on regular vacations, have a debt pay off plan aren’t just dreams but are totally achievable.
  • Could feel in charge of your financial future because you know how much $$ is enough for you?
  • Have the know-how and skills to create the money that’s right for you, instead of constantly worrying about where the next client or paycheck is coming from?

It’s SO important for us women to be gentle with ourselves around our money situations and at the same time stop WASTING money – yes, a girl has to have FUN, but we also want to have enough $$ for our future. And, if you’ve noticed, we can’t rely on Prince Charming to rescue us.

The other great thing is that as we women become more financially skilled – make more $$, manage it well and build wealth – we change our lives, our families, our communities and the world into a better place!! 

“Lynn Telford-Sahl is a terrific money coach who has designed a financial eCourse that teaches you how to be your own Fairy Godmother. Every chapter has solid information and exercises to help you dig deeper into your money psyche. Change your money and change your life with these 20 short but powerful lessons!”
Chellie Campbell, Author The Wealthy Spirit and From Worry to Wealthy

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