My Mission is to Change the World One Happy, Healthy & Wealthy Woman at a Time!!


Prosperity Power and Peace:
Financial Fitness Program For Women

What IF You Could Be Your Own Financial Fairy Godmother and...?  

  • Be confident & capable about money, rather than insecure or confused
  • Stop blaming or guilting yourself for financial mistakes (we've all made them!)
  • Learn HOW to Make More $$, Keep More $$, Have More FUN with what you Have!!

If you feel:
     •  I’ll never get ahead.
     •  I'm not sure where to start or who to trust when it comes
          to my finances
     •  I'll never be able to make the $$ I need

But you want to:
     •  Feel capable and confident
     •  Have the financial skills and powerful beliefs to make the
          $$ you desire
     •  Manage your hard-earned money optimally
     •  Get encouragement, support & a gentle kick in the pants
          as needed
     •  Be part of a group of like-minded women

You'll receive 2 short, lively, easy to follow chapters each month, have financial expert & Certified Money Coach Lynn as your Money Mentor, be a part of the PPP FB group all for $20.00 a month.



Women business owners, when asked, say they’re in business for independence and to make a difference. Men say they’re in business to make money. Women, let’s do both!!

But, in order to make the money you want, be independent and make a difference, it’s essential to understand how money operates for better and worse in your life – and to TAKE CHARGE of it!  Read More

What is Money Coaching?
Money Coaching is a step-by-step system that shifts your money mindset from financial stress or "never enough" to feeling IN CHARGE of your money.  The Results are your business is more profitable and your life is more enJOYable!

  Read More

Take the Money Quiz and discover what your Money Type is.  

The Money Types aren’t who we are, but show us how we handle or act with money.  They offer a simple way to identify and evaluate our relationship with money so you can make the best financial decisions and reach your financial goals.  Read More


*Money Coaching System copyright material developed by Deborah Price, Money Coaching Institute and used with permission