What is Money Coaching?*

Have you ever noticed that no matter how much money you make it's never enough?

Did you know...

  • That financial stress is the #1 stressor for 75% of Americans?

  • The national median income for full-time working women is about $37,000.   1 in 18 full-time working women earned $100,000 or more in 2009.

Money Coaching helps women solve the money problems that keep them up at night

Can you imagine the freedom, JOY and peace of mind that comes as you change your Money Mindset so you feel better and do better with your money?

Money isn't just about money - it's about our relationship with money (kind of like with food).

Schedule Your PowerUP Your Money Discovery Session today, it's easy and it's FREE!

Money Coaching creates more financially savvy women who:

  • Make the money they are capable of
  • Get money blind spots out of the way
  • Keep more of what they make
  • Build for their future
  • Enjoy their money more (More Freedom = More FUN!)
  • Communicate better with partners about $$

Money Coaching is a strategic step-by-step process that changes long-standing money patterns quickly because it gets to the often hidden root of the challenge.

Money Coaching identifies patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back from your full financial potential.

Money Coaching reduces financial stress and PowersUP your ability to take charge of your money and better ENJOY the money you have.

Schedule a FREE PowerUP Your Money Discovery Session today, it's easy and it's FREE!

The AH-HA's will astound you as you literally see and feel old patterns shift and financial stress turn the corner into financial health & happiness.


 (*Money Coaching System copyright material developed by Deborah Price, Money Coaching Institute and used with permission)