4 Hurdles of Women Business Divas & 4 Reasons Why Women Shine!

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Lynn’s definition of Diva: Women determined to BE their best, DO their best, serve others in the process, make more $$ and have more FUN!

Four Mistakes Women in Business Make:

1) Women in Business undercharge for their products, time and services. It’s a worthiness issue. 

2) Women owned business are under capitalized. A National Association of Women Business Owners survey found that 75% of respondents did not get loans or credit at all. (I wonder if these women are using credit cards to finance their businesses?)

3) Women don’t have the built in financial networks or support systems that men do. NOTE: It’s only been since 1988 (26 years) that the Women’s Business Ownership Act eliminated state laws that required women to have a male relative co-sign a business loan. Can you believe it?

4) Women in business don’t take enough risks. Probably iin part because they’re underfunded and the worthiness challenge.

In spite of these challenges women SHINE! It’s exciting to see women starting new businesses and up-leveling current ones.  Here are 4 reasons why women owned businesses are going to explode in the next few years.

1) Women are more customer focused. "The only thing ranked higher for women (according to Mark D. Wolf of The Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute, is family and religion."

2) Women multi-task more easily than men – Men might have come up with the fancy multi-tasking word to describe doing lots of things at once, but women have BEEN multi-tasking for eons. We were just too busy to name it!

3) Women value a positive work environment, paying employees better and making employees feel as if they’re part of a team. (I’ve heard the complaints about women’s backbiting and emotionalism, but I have never experienced it.)

4) Women are more collaborative and are using social networks and supports systems for help in their businesses – and to support others. Decide to BE a Woman Business Diva in 2014 and SHINE.

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*popular article originally published March 2010 and updated for 2014!!