Business Success Isn’t Magic – It Takes Planning!!

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Business success isn't magic - it takes planning! We, women in business, work hard IN our businesses, but often don’t spend enough time working ON our business doing the planning, goal setting and strategiziing necessary to achieve our dreams.  

The smart, successful coach Katrina Sawa once shared with me that 1 hour of planningsaves 6 hours of WORK.

Let's get smarter!! Be honest - Are you spending enough time planning for your success? It's good to first define what success means because yours and mine are going to be different.  I’m a simple gal with pretty simple needs. Your life dreams & needs may be a Starbucks Trenta or a Grande – mine is more of a Short or Tall. It’s all good – we just need to define it for ouself.

1) What is your definition of success?  For me success is freedom, abundance, happiness and time to enjoy life and yes, to make plenty of money to do all that! 

What’s your definition?  _____________

2) Get Clear About Financial Success by Setting a Reasonably Uncomfortable Financial Goal for 2014.

To come up with this number consider the lifestyle you’re currently living and the one you would like to be living.  And, don’t forget to factor in how hard you are willing to work. There's no right or wrong about this - it's your life and you get to decide.

One business woman, Jodi, hit her goal of $150,000 a year, but she was exhausted. The next year she scaled the number back to fit a more relaxed lifestyle.

Research shows that after $75,000 a year, most Americans have enough to meet their needs with enough extras and that more money only increases happiness by about 9%.  What is your enough number?

Your Reasonably Uncomfortable Financial Goal:  _____________ 

Now, don't just write it down. Tell someone. Last year in my 4th Annual Business Strategy Workshop in January, I asked the women to first write their financial goal and then say it out loud to the person next to them. Uncomfortable. Then I asked those that were brave enough to say it out loud to the group. Vicky Johnson, Financial Planner, of Principal Finance shared with me that was difficult, but by Sept. of 2013 she'd surpassed her goal.

Next blog I'll show you how to work backwards from your financial goal to make sure you meet it!! 

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