Apps to Change Spending & Eating Habits 

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“You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To”

My husband and I got away for a much needed weekend this last month. We stayed at a remote Bed & Breakfast north of Healds burg, reconnected, lazed around, ate good food, tasted some wine, enjoyed the gorgeous country and replenished. As I like to say when life is good – Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!

This type of get away was something my mother would have loved. She’s been gone for almost 20 years but a saying she had comes into mind often – “You can do anything you set your mind to.” I focus on this phrase when I want to attract a weekend get-away, new clients, improve relationships, or stay focused on what needs to be done.

I also think about the message of “The Secret” which was a huge catalyst for prosperity building a few years back. “The Secret” helped millions realize how powerful the mind is to create what we desire, if we stay focused and positive and clean out the hidden obstacles. Then the economy went south and people lapsed into fear, and many have not recovered their optimism or hope.

Let’s remember how important it is to manage our thoughts – you know – those negative, critical ones that pull us into the dark side. To focus on what we WANT and to be grateful for the blessings of life.


I help women solve their money problems, make more money and enjoy financial peace. What does that mean? Let me ask a couple questions: What gets in the way of making the money you really know you’re capable of? How do money fears or unhealthy money behaviors like overspending, too much debt, or not saving for the future block your success? Money isn’t just about money – it’s about everything!

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Apps to Change Spending & Eating Habits


Bad spending habits can be just as challenging and destructive as weight problems. Now there are Apps like Urge or Make a Habit, Break a Habit to make it easier to stay on track.

What kind of challenging money habits do you have? Are you an unconscious spender? Do you go to the mall and two hours later have bags of purchases yet you can’t remember what exactly you paid for them?  Are you a secret shopper? And, I don’t mean the kind that’s hired by Safeway to check up on their customer service. I mean, do you sneak your purchases home when your husband is busy and hide them so you don’t get feel guilty, or get grilled? Do you struggle to maintain a budget or is budget a word you haven’t yet acquainted yourself with? (Read More)


Addiction Therapist:  You know me primarily as a coach, but I’ve been a Certified Addiction Counselor and specialist for over 20 years. I have an office in Modesto at Balanced Living Counseling.  Recently I knew I needed to have a web presence for this side of my business. I particularly enjoy working with family members or adult children of alcoholic parents to help them learn healthy, loving ways of communicating boundaries or limits.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addictive behaviors like overspending, debting, alcohol, drugs, food, internet overuse, gambling please let them know I’m available. is a new website !


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The Money Spa Women’s Retreat

Oct 12-14, 2012  Friday evening – Sunday afternoon

At Beautiful Silver Ridge House in Tuolumne City, CA

$50.00 deposit holds your spot - $199.00 total + spa treatments with Cynthia Flesher $30-60






Warrior Bootcamp for Business

Oct 27th Saturday 9:00 – 5:00   p.m.  Modesto, CA  with Deborah Price, International Money Coach, author Money Magic & Lynn

For more information and to register click here now!




Video Testimonial from a Money Coaching Graduate:

Diane works with the numbers and budgeting aspect of money. I refer my clients who need that assistance to her.  I work with the emotional relationship with money. You can start at either end, depending on what’s comfortable or what’s most needed.

“Through coaching with Lynn I realized I used money as clothing, as a shield, as a protector to who I was rather than as a tool and to help the people I want to help. Since opening up my thinking on money, clients have been calling like crazy.” 

Diane Hinkley, Financial Coach,
New Beginnings Financial Coaching  209 480-0409 /testimonials/



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Ginny Hollis is the owner of Hollis Associates established in 1980 in Modesto. Her bookkeeping specialty is small to medium business. Ginny also provides Training in bookkeeping, Quick Books, Excel, Word, e‐mail. I was thrilled to hire Ginny about a year and a half ago and am more productive because of it. Her rates are reasonable. She is also community service oriented and a member of Soroptimist International of Modesto since 1984.

Contact Ginny at (209) 604‐6087 or


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