Fifty Shades Of Green

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Family, Vacations & How Much Money Is Enough

I’m in La Quinta on vacation visiting family. It’s 115 outside. I really love my family. What a contrast between last weekend at Lake Tahoe – 80 degrees and the 115 unbelievable heat of the desert. I can barely breathe. Whew!!

Speaking of vacations and time off. When I give talks about money to women in business I often ask the question how much money is enough for you to live the lifestyle you want to live? For my husband Dave and I, it’s enough to live in a nice tidy home (with a nice small house payment) in a cute little neighborhood close to everything, to work hard and here’s the important thing for us – to be able to afford to take 4-6 weeks off a year. That’s of particular value for us. It’s different for all of us, but what’s of value to you and how much is enough money are really good questions to figure out. (For Lynn's blog click here.) Americans don’t tend to value time off or leisure time as much as Europeans do. And, it’s not to say I don’t work a lot – I work plenty and I have time off. But, I don’t own a flashy car or expensive clothes. All about choice, right?

Back to Lake Tahoe – My friend Marianne, two newer friends Marni and Linda (picture) drove to Tahoe and stayed at a friends cabin. We had a blast. On Saturday we rode in a memorial bike ride for Jerry Shelton, Pam Shelton’s husband, who passed away a year ago riding Donner Pass. A group of about 15 of us rode around Donner Lake – 10 miles – far enough. Pam’s group rode Donner Pass – 35 miles straight up – good for them – not something for me. It was a really fun weekend and I was grateful to participate in the ride supporting Pam who is an amazingly strong, heart oriented woman.


I help women solve their money problems, make more money and enjoy financial peace. What does that mean? Let me ask a couple questions: What gets in the way of making the money you really know you’re capable of? How do money fears or unhealthy money behaviors like overspending, too much debt, or not saving for the future block your success? Money isn’t just about money – it’s about everything!

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Feature Article

Fifty Shades of Green

What’s a bigger discussion taboo around the dinner table? (Adult dinner table, of course) Money or sex? No doubt about it, money.

If you’re a woman you’ve probably read “Fifty Shades of Grey” and have been talking about it with your friends. But I bet you haven’t talked about Fifty Shades of Green – a more important, serious (but less lustful & fun) topic than the characters of Christian Grey or Anastasia Steele ever could be.

It’s hard to talk about money. It’s stressful and scary. Money in the world of Fifty Shades of Grey is full of fun and fantasy – palatial apartments, new cars given to girlfriends, helicopter rides for first dates. (Hello handsome, sexy Christian Grey). (Read More)


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