Time to Educate Yourself About Money

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My heart is full and my feet still a little tired from our Lemonade Stand adventure on Saturday May19th. Thank you so much to everyone who came out and supported the TEAM!!

It was my husband Dave, my daughter-in-law Gina’s and my privilege to support Team Extreme Lemonade. Their sales & tips totaled $577.00. At the end of the day that’s a lot of lemonade!!!

There were 100 lemonade stands throughout Modesto on Saturday. Team Extreme was comprised of 4 ten and eleven year olds – Grace, Maddi, Mia and Christian. They all did a fabulous job greeting customers, counting change and running up and down Sisk Ave with well-designed Lemonade signs to bring in business.

As part of the process, they created a business plan, estimated expenses and obtained investors who will receive a 7 ROI (return on investment), and they’ll be able to send 10% each to their selected charities – The Animal Shelter and the Gospel Mission. After all that the kids will still put $50.00 in their own pockets.

It’ll be fun to see how this memory impacts their entrepreneurial spirits in the future!!!


I help women live their dreams by getting their Money Hose in order! What does that mean? Let me ask a couple questions: What does $$ mean to you? What gets in the way of making the money you really know you’re capable of? How do money fears or unhealthy money behaviors like overspending, too much debt, or not saving for the future block your success? Money isn’t just about money – it’s about everything!

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Feature Article

Time to Educate Yourself About Money

The price we Americans have paid for not being financially educated is very, very sad. I talk to people every week who are waking up to the realization that the avoidance of their money problems has created major financial disasters. My heart goes out to them and there’s help available.

I’m researching all the time about money and I found a great resource for women – Learnvest. Learnvest was founded by Alexa Von Tobel. She studied psychology and happiness at Harvard and then went to Wall Street. She wrote an award winning business plan and then raised money to start Learnvest because she didn’t feel there was a good one-stop financial resource out there for women. Well, she created it.

Alexa recommends a budget formula:

1) Less than 50% of your income for essentials (rent, food, transportation, utilities)

2) 20% income should go to debt relief/and or savings.

3) 30% goes to your life priorities and choices.

The website is comprehensive and beautifully and simply done. www.Learnvest.com


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Upcoming Events

Mind Over Money Telseminar

Get Your Money House in Order and Relax About Money!

Do you or someone you know make these Mistakes with Money?

* The biggest source of STRESS in your life is $$

* Believe more $$ than you currently have will make you happy? (Hint – millionaires believe more will make them happy also)

* Piddle money away on lots of little things - Starbucks, beauty products, fast food? But avoid saving for retirement or the future?

* Take care of others before you take care of yourself financially?

* Undercharge or Over Service Clients?

* You've been through a financial trauma: bankruptcy, job loss, credit card debt

* You want more Energy, Vitality & JOY to Create Your Next Financial Step

In This Lunctime Teleseminar you will:

* Learn WHY your $$ History Energizes or Blocks Your Ability to Make $$

* Understand How Unfinished Money Stuff Affectst How much $$ You Make and most importantly KEEP!

* Identify your Money Type to illuminate perplexing patterns, habits & limitations with money & to Empower Your Financial Decisions

* Use guided visualization to connect with your “Power” Money Types of the Warrior & Magician

* Design the action steps to move out of Financial stress and into Financial Health

Register by clicking here!



Warrior Bootcamp for Business August 2012

I’m really excited that Deborah Price, my Mentor & Coach & the founder of The Money Coaching Institute will be coming to Modesto to teach the 2 Day Warrior Bootcamp for Business.

Warrior Bootcamp for Business is an inspiring, practical and highly impactful workshop designed for business owners of all types.

Unfortunately, most people are not taught how to be successful in business, personally or financially. As a result, many business owners and entrepreneurs often struggle unnecessarily because they haven't learned to engage their inner "Warrior," the money type that holds the key to your financial success.

In Warrior Bootcamp, we will help you to gain access to the part of yourself that is strong, powerful, focused and capable beyond your current knowing.

Warrior Bootcamp for Business is quite different from a "traditional" business planning process as it is divided into three core components:

1. Money Coaching - Includes processes for Identifying Your Business Blocks and Obstacles to Success, Evaluate Your Leadership Quadrants and Influencing Archetypes.

2. Business Coaching - Will help you Develop Your Unique Position & Market, Build a Realistic Revenue Model, and Daily Right Action Plan & Strategies for Business.

3. Marketing - Focuses on Creating Effective Passive and Active Marketing Strategies and helps you build Your Marketing Model

Investment: Regularly $795 but for Central Valley Business Owners $595.

More information to come!


The Money Spa – A Women’s Retreat

Silver Ridge Retreat Center in Tuolumne City, CA
Cynthia Flesher, CMT & Lynn Telford-Sahl
Oct 12th, 13th, 14th

Nurturing, fun, relaxing, & empowering:

What You Receive: 2 nights (double occupancy) 5 meals

Lynn’s Money Coaching PowerUP Your Money Workshop

SPA FUN - For an additional $30-60 Cynthia is booking foot, chair or full massages – Her calendar will fill so book early!!

Are You Ready for This? $199.00 (plus spa treatments)

Only 20 Spots Open $50.00 Deposit holds your spot

Register by clicking here!



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Ginny Hollis is the owner of Hollis Associates established in 1980 in Modesto. Her bookkeeping specialty is small to medium business. Ginny also provides Training in bookkeeping, Quick Books, Excel, Word, e‐mail. I was thrilled to hire Ginny about a year and a half ago and am more productive because of it. Her rates are reasonable. She is also community service oriented and a member of Soroptimist International of Modesto since 1984.

Contact Ginny at (209) 604‐6087 or gohollis@pacbell.net.