3 Keys to Happiness Now


Personal Note 

3 Keys to Happiness Now
Is Life is moving at the speed of light for you these days?  It certainly is for me.  Right now life is requiring our full concentration (i.e. the ability to FOCUS on the results our business needs and not get lost in time-wasters like FB, Pinterest, etc.).  Try setting a timer (Your smart phone has one or you can find them inexpensively at Radio Shack) for 30 minutes and then get back to work. Life also requires emotional presence (How am I feeling? What do I need?) and in general, really good self-care.

I taught a workshop last week called “3 Keys for Happiness Now” for the volunteer staff at The Parent Resource Center of Modesto, a non-profit dedicated to building healthier families.  What a fun time we had because the volunteers were so engaged and interested in “Happiness Practices.

In spite of the challenges of life - (illness, death, job changes, money problems) we can CHOOSE to be happy. It's one of the most powerful choices we have. I'm not suggesting we discount sadness or anger, but consciously open to them, which allow the energy of the emotionto move through us. It's resistance to emotion that builds into anxiety or depression.

Happiness requires intention and practice to cement the happiness neural pathways in the brain and override any negative neural pathways. If you’d like more on how to create Happiness two excellent books besides Intentional JOY /buy-this/ are Happiness Now by Robert Holden and Happiness for No Reason by Marci Shimoff. If you follow the link to the Buy page there's a FREE Mp3 download of Intentional JOY with a 20 minute overview and Stress Busting Relaxation/Guided Imagery Practices you may enjoy.  

PS:  The Holidays are a good time to freshen up our happiness practices!!

Much JOY & Love to all of you - Lynn


Winner of Money Survey and Results:

Congratulations to Joann Blaska, the winner of the Ipod. She thanked me by saying she’d never won anything before. Yeah Joann.  

Thank you to the 40 women that took the Survey.

I’ll write more about the results of the Survey at another time, but the title of the eBook voted in is: Prosperity, Power & Peace:  A Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom.  Please hold the May 1, 2012 date of completion for me.


Resource Grab Bag

  1. Ever Lost or Broken your iPhone? 
    Since 2007 consumers have spend $5.9 billion to repair, replace or pay insurance deductibles for damaged iPhones says Michelle Singletary in "The Color of Money" (Modesto Bee 9-30-12).  A lot of insurance available is expensive with high deductibles but SquareTrade offers a plan for 99 for 2 years with a $50 deductible.  Check it out!! 

  2. 15 Things We Now Know About Money & Happiness 
    Respect means more than money: University of California confirmed that relationships are far more important to most of us than money. When it comes to crafting sustainable positivity and life satisfaction, the strongest drives come from our peers' respect, love and admiration rather than possessions. When it comes to crafting a sustainable positivity and satisfaction, our strongest materials come in the form of our peers’ respect, love, and admiration, not possessions. The series of studies comprising these conclusions all led back to the exact same phenomenon, speaking of how our connections with others drive us far, far more than mad money ever could. From www.braintrack.com

  3. Who is happier – The Self-employed or those who work for others? 
    No matter how much they make, business owners typically enjoy their lives far more than any other workers; in America, anyways. On the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, their “overall well-being” boasted an impressive 72.5, followed by professionals at 71.5. Self-employed workers may spend more time on their tasks, but dissipate some of the stress with the additional autonomy and flexibility their situations inherently provide. http://www.braintrack.com/blog/2012/09/15-things-we-now-know-about-money-and-happiness/ 


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P.S. "Imagination is More Powerful than Knowledge."  Einstein 

Vision Board Experience is always included in this Workshop. When Logic & Imagination work together - Look Out!!

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