Fall: Change is in The Air


Personal Note 

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." Leo Tolstoy
Fall is the time of change, not just seasonally, but in our hearts and minds. Change is part of life and easier when we stay present, open to the changes and surrender rather than resist.
When September comes around every year my energy takes a dip as it does for so many of us that have been charging around all year.  It’s a natural dip, but one we don’t always listen to.  When I slow down a bit and rest, I don’t get sick. Cough, Cough. But, thankfully there’s Wellness Formula, an herbal concoction available at most health food stores, that boosts the immune system.  See how it is?  I like to believe there’s a remedy for nearly everything.
I’m reading Jane Fonda’s book Prime Time about the Three Acts of Life – Act I Is from birth to thirty, Act II is thirty to sixty and Act III is sixty on. She encourages a Life Review to feel, heal and put into perspective the ups and downs, the successes and failures of life.  I’m going to delve into this and if you do, let’s talk about the process.
Much JOY & Love to all of you - Lynn


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Fall: Change is in The Air

3 Self-Care Strategies to Thrive in Times of Change

“Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”  I first started presenting seminars on CHANGE in 1991, which was another time of economic challenge, though not nearly as intense as this period, now named: “The Great Recession.” I think I’ll reframe that to “The Great Opportunity.” 

I don’t know how it is with you and the people in your lives these days, but what I’m noticing is “it’s (by “it” I mean everything) hitting the fan.”  Just a few examples: economic struggle, job loss, break ups, re-negotiating relationships, addiction problems coming to the surface, health problems, aging, babies being born, illness, etc. Whew…let’s all take 10 deep breaths.

If you’re feeling wiped out by the enormity of change that’s occurring personally and culturally, you’re not alone.  The good news is that all of these life events provide us with the opportunity to choose whether we will react out of habitual fear patterns or learn to respond with love, care, compassion and kindness to ourselves and those around us.

Three Self-CARE Strategies to Thrive in Times of CHANGE: (Read More) 


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