More Kindness Less Strife


More Kindness Less Strife

I was at a Toastmasters meeting recently and a question was posed: “If you were queen for a day, what would you do?” Three women speakers responded that they would bring more kindness to business interactions, to politics and to communication in general. 
Do you agree that we're longing for more kindness probably in many areas of our lives; in our families, with our spouses, at work and between political parties. We’re longing for more kindness, perhaps in all areas of our lives; at work, between political parties, between spouses and amongst strangers. 
With the fast paced habits of communication we've gotten used to via texting, FB and other social media, more of us are noticing too much strife and impatience and not enough kindness. Along with kindness, I believe we're longing for connection. Taking the time etc all good. Taking the time to sit with a friend and see the expression on their face as they share about their challenges and joys is worth so much. 
As Ghandi said so wonderfully, if you want to change something, BE the agent of change. Let’s challenge ourselves, especially during this Holiday season to act with more patience, more presence and certainly kindness. And, don’t forget to include yourself when you’re being kind!! 
Much JOY & Love to all of you - Lynn


Hot & Handy RESOURCES to Make Your Life Easier:

  • Cell Phone Emergency Info:
    • Cell phone companies charge for 411 info. For FREE access dial 800 FREE411 or 800 373-3411. Program it into your cell now. 
  • Hidden Battery Power:  If battery is very low activate 50% increase by pressing keys *3370#. 
  • Disable Stolen Phone by entering *#06# into phone and a 15 digit code will appear on the screen. It’s unique to your handset so write down now and keep somewhere safe.
  • Emergency:  If you’re out of country the Emergency Number worldwide is 112.  Even if keypad is locked this can be dialed.


Recommended Books:

Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, M.D. 2012, Three things Dr. Alexander, previous sceptic, says he received from his near-death experience - 1) We are all loved and cherished. 2) There is nothing we can do wrong. 3) There is nothing to fear. 

Clean Sweet Assessment  

This is a great end of year, beginning of next year assessment to check your Life/Work Balance   

Tax Deferred Savings Calculator/Estimator

Provided by Linda Murdock, Financial Advisor of Gateway Financial Advisors, Patterson, CA

For those of you that want a quick and easy Tax-Deferred Savings Calculator this is really simple – love it.

If you have any questions call Linda Murdock at 209  613-7900.


Upcoming Events

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Jenni Maiwald Wendell  


I love yoga because of the stress relief and the physical relaxation. "Jenni is very passionate about her new business. I'm excited to try the flow approach to yoga Jenni teaches that's conducted in a warm room and is energizing and relaxing at the same time." (Lynn)

Jenni, owner of Just Be Yoga & Meditation in Modesto says yoga balances the body, mind and spirit for physical well-being and mental clarity. Just BeYoga & Meditation offers Vinyasa Flow Yoga in a moderately heated room. 

There is a Beginner Series starting Jan 7th and Intermediate and Advanced students are welcome. Monday evening from 6:30 – 7:30 Jan 7th – Feb 11th. Cost $99.00 + you receive 6 weeks unlimited yoga and meditation.

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Just Be Yoga & Meditation

803 Coffee Rd. Ste. 9, Modesto, CA (across from Downey High School)

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