Become Happier, Healthier & Wealthier with the Power of Affirmations! Spring Quarterly Newsletter

Personal Note
My husband, Dave, retired in Nov of 2015 and HE is living happily ever after. Just kidding – we’re both adjusting to sharing our home space (small paid off home – small!) a lot more of the time than we used to. I just read an article about a couple – he retired, she kept working – and he was unhappy with their situation. Dave is fine with me working. That’s good because I see no retirement date anytime soon. Isn’t life full of adjustments? I’m grateful we are both flexible and try hard to work together to solve our challenges!!   

Become Happier, Healthier & Wealthier with the Power of Affirmations!!
Happiness and Financial well-being have been a study of mine for 20+ years. I see so many that are STRESSED, haven’t planned well and are struggling through their 50s and 60s rather than ENJOYING their lives.

Are you as happy, healthy and wealthy as you want to be? If not, there’s still time to make happier, healthier and wealthier decisions.

Haven’t we all had times when we didn’t have enough money, or love, or happiness? At those times, our sense of optimism was probably as scarce as our money or our happiness. At its root, scarcity thinking comes from a place of fear not having or being enough.

On the other hand, Abundance thinking is full of appreciation, gratitude, and optimism about what you already have (even if’s not what you ultimately desire) and who you currently are.

Scarcity makes us grasp for MORE, be afraid of losing what we have and is constrictive and just no FUN. Abundance is expansive, hopeful, trusting, funner, inclusive! Scarcity is me, mine, I need more… there’s never enough. Abundance is full, sufficient, trusting, magical, generous!

How do we make the shift from scarcity to abundance?

I understand scarcity.  I lived in financial scarcity for a good part of my life. From my parents scrimping (and not saving) to the earlier years of my marriage when money, but not love, was scarce, the financial restrictions were overshadowed by a not quite recognized sense of inner not enoughness.

As I began to love and accept who I was, (lots of counseling, coaching & affirmations) the money began to flow. One day an Ah –HA came to me as I was putting a grocery list together - instead of buying only one box of kleenix, or one package of chicken, we could afford to stock up. Wow! That shift of awareness was such an a mental stretch!!

When I think about the difference between abundance or scarcity Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money, comes to mind. She says “True Abundance Flows from Enough, What You Appreciate, Appreciates,” and from Chellie Campbell, The Wealthy Spirit,  “People love to give me money.”

These are a few of my favorite affirmations. A few years ago I asked my sister, Lane, to use her artistic talents to paint these statements onto wooden planks which I gave to my coaching clients at Christmas. I still hear from women how much those colorful affirmations remind them that abundance starts with our mind!! 

Practice Affirmations to Become More Happy, Healthy & Wealthy

Break the cycle of financial stress and scarcity by working with daily affirmations. Do this practice for 30 days and see how it shifts your energy and your focus. Will repeating affirmations out loud twice daily change your life situation? Yes, if you do them!!  I guarantee if you commit to the practice, the practice will pay you in huge dividends of energy, enthusiasm, more of what you want and less of what you don’t want!!

I have a gift for you, a SECRET ingredient that increases the effectiveness of your daily affirmations that’s in Chapter 20 of my eCourse Prosperity, Power & Peace. 

Here are a few of my favorites affirmations

  • “I AM Now Happy, Healthy & Wealthy,”**
  • “People love to give me money,”*
  • “I AM focused, disciplined and action oriented today.”*
  • “I am a lucky person – I feel lucky today.”*
  • “My affirmations work for me, whether I believe they will or not.”*

(*Chellie Campbell, The Wealthy Spirit, * *Lynn T.S.)

Here’s a link to a full page of Positive Affirmations from my eCourse Prosperity, Power & Peace to get you started. You can also make up your own or get Chellie Campbell’s book, The Wealthy Spirit for a whole year full of daily affirmations!!