Turn Money Blues into Happy Money

Spring is my favorite time of the year for the softness of the air and the aroma of flowers.

We all have our money struggles and challenges – I certainly have had mine– from not paying bills on time, to NEVER balancing my checkbook and living paycheck to paycheck. 

But, we can all change. Spring is the time of change and  new beginning, so start where you are and pick one of the 7 Steps to change things for the better!!

JOY & Prosperity to you,

My mission is to change the world one financially healthy & happy woman at a time

If you’re ready to Turn Money Blues into Happy Money here are 7 Steps

How many of you believe that more money will bring you greater prosperity, peace & happiness?

A study showed that people thought their life satisfaction would double if they made $55,000 rather than $25,000 a year. 

But, in fact, those making 55K were only 9% moresatisfied than those making $25,000. (*Happy Money – Elizabeth Dunn & Michael Norton)

Step 1) The first step of change is being willing to do something different. It really does take 21 days to settle a new habit into your brain. Pick 1 thing from the following list and commit to doing it!!

Step 2) Focus on Experiences rather than stuff*:  My husband and I live a simple life and one thing we value over a big house or fancy cars are experiences. Dave’s a hang-gliding pilot, we like to travel and I like to push myself exercise wise – occasionally. This weekend I’m doing a 30 mile bike ride in Napa with girlfriends.

Step 3) Value the Money You Already Have: Research shows that after $75,000  a year more money doesn’t make people ANY happier – zip. Instead of focusing on MORE how can you get the most out of what you have? Look at your expenses – no, really print them out and look. Notice where you can cut and make conscious spending decisions.

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