101 Important Questions to Ask Yourself

Personal Note

Life is always presenting us with learning opportunities and I’ve had two this last month I want to share.

1) Listen to your Intuition or Inner GPS system. Normally I pay attention to that funny little feeling I get when someone acts in a way that’s not congruent with their words. But recently I overrode my own wisdom (have you ever done that?) to be “nice,” and the price I paid was disappointment in myself for not listening, and with another for acting unprofessionally. 

2) Slow down. After two falls in the last 6 weeks I hear the message loud and clear. Both times I was rushing, my feet went out from under me, and this time I ended up with a big crack on my forehead. My mantra: Breathe, feel my feet, stay present. 

Last, but not least I’m now a Certified Money Coach through the Money Coaching Institute in Petaluma, CA, founded by Deborah Price, International Money Coach. Money Coaching is really important work because it touches our core issues, there’s such a charge about $$ and such an opportunity to heal.


101 Important Questions to Ask Yourself

I remember the first time I was asked to answer the question, “Who am I?” It both stumped and terrified me. All I could do was come up with the roles I played in life – wife, mother, student, daughter. It was very uncomfortable and that’s a sign there might be something to learn.

What questions do you ask yourself every day? Research shows that if we ask limited or negative questions, we’ll get limited or negative results. Negative questions like: “Why am I so unlucky, “Why do bad things happen to me,” or “What’s wrong with me,” are disempowering and produce very different results than empowering questions like “What am I grateful for, or What can I learn from this experience?” Questions open the door to self-discovery and awareness. With awareness we have greater choice and can move along the continuum to understanding ourselves, each other and reaching our potential.

Here are a few of the 101 Questions from the article below to get you started:

1) Who am I?
2) What am I passionate about?
3) What are the achievements I’m most proud of?
4) What am I most grateful for in life?
5) Do I love myself and why or why not?
6) If I had one year, one month or one day left to live, what would I do?
7) When I look back at this period of my life (when I’m getting ready to pass on) what’s most important for me to focus on?

*For the full web article go to: The Personal Excellence Blog by Celes “101 Important Questions to Ask Yourself in Life”http://celestinechua.com/blog/about/ .

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