This Financial Mess, How'd We Get Here?


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I am very relaxed now towards the end of my two week vacation – first at Lake Tahoe with my sweet husband Dave and now in Kauai with my cousin & buddy, Kim. Kim lives in the Palm Springs area and loves the ocean as much as I do. 

Here’s our rough daily schedule. We both do some computer work (blogs/emails) then head to beach in the morning – swim and bounce (I do water aerobics across Hanalei Bay – yes, this is the Bay made famous by the song Puff the Magic Dragon). One morning we went to Queen Emma’s Bath and watched the giant sea turtles for a couple hours. Then home for a little rest and out to dinner. Yawn…. Not exciting, but totally replenishing. 

I live an abundant life, love my work and am so grateful to have time off (tho have been blogging every week day). I want YOU to have the fun, abundance and JOY you want and need in your life. It is my privilege to help you create the life you want!


Feature Article 

This Financial Mess: How’d We Get Here?

You’ve probably noticed that we’re in a recession that’s lasted much longer than the typical 18 months. The HOW is a long story and I’m going to give a short summary. Once upon a time the United States was in a time of “great prosperity.” This lasted from 1947 – 1975 (source Robert Reich, President Clinton’s Sec. of Labor, from his book Aftershock: The Next Economy & America’s Future). During this time the average family income rose from about $25,000 to $55,000 a year. Then things changed. They always do. Automation replaced factory workers and globalization or outsourcing jobs to other countries brought wages down. Though there were still abundant jobs in the 90s they didn’t pay as well as the previous ones. (They didn’t have to – Americans were running scared they’d lose their job, any job and companies could go to Mexico or China for even cheaper wages).

Americans coped with the downward trend of wages, according to Reich (pronounced Reish), in three ways:

1) In the 70s women went to (paid) work in large numbers and so families had two earners.

2) Everyone worked MORE and longer hours. Menon average were working 50 hours a week andwomen 40 by the mid 2000s. Many people started working 2 or 3 jobs.

3) People began drawing from savings and borrowing, borrowing, borrowing. You see where this is going, right? This last “coping mechanism”emptied the coping accounts, so to speak. Many have borrowed as much as they can from homes, savings and 401ks. 

What happens now? I talk to people every week who are barely hanging on, trying SO hard to do the RIGHT THING and not file bankruptcy or do a short-sale. This is a choice they shouldn’t have to be making.

What can we do?

1) Stop letting the banks and financiers off the hook.

2) Demand that your legislators hold the banks accountable and help homeowners – the government provided financial help, but the banks haven’t made it available.

3) Stop feeling victimized and powerless. You’re not alone. Educate yourselves.

We’re going to have to work together and creatively and collectively think about what’s good for the whole, not just the few. 

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