Business Success as a Woman: 4 Power Tips

Women & Power = Money (& so much more.) When I use the word power with my women coaching clients, they can act uncomfortable. Why? Because they've seen power used as a method of control or as a power over manuever. The Boss is in control - I have to do what he or she says.  

However, the definition of Power is simple:  To Act.  A recent article in the New York Times: "You Have Power: Don't Be Afraid to Use It," interviewed successful women. 

Here are 4 nuggets they shared about power, how to support yourself and each other and to achieve success:

1) Women can and should help one another and stop under valuing "...the role that we can play in the success of other people and the organization." Amy Schulman, Exective vice president and general counsel, Pfizr

2) Be vocal in group settings and don't make statements that sound like questions. (Women are still trying to prove they belong - men know they do). Amy Schulman

3) Trust your inner soul, use your voice. Cooperation is a great female strength and in groups of men, " must speak up and believe in yourself."  Doreen Lorenzo, President, Quirky, a product development company

4) Don't be afraid of being "nice."  Marjorie Kaplan, of Animal Planet, says she manages based on expectations rather than fear. And, if men aren't being respectful at a meeting, for example by not introducing themselves, speak up. Doreen Lorenzo says if you're not being treated respectually end the meeting: "We're going to end this conversation until you listen to me. Don't be afraid to use your power."

(*New York Times "You Have Power. Don't Be Afraid to use It." Oct 13, 2013)

The message from these powerful corporate and entrepreneurial women is quite clear. The corporate culture stlll tends to be traditional, however women are making a difference and need to support each other. All these women are successful, have learned through the school of hard knocks. Be successful, believe in yourself and get help when you need it.

“I’m Mad As Hell – About The Price of College”

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore,” is the famous quote from the 1976 movie "Network" starring Peter Finch. That phrase incited audiences to take action! Boy, do we need action now!!

Here's my question: What is it going to take for people to get angry enough to keep the pressure on our legislators about the ever increasing and inflationary price of college?

The New York Times had an article last weekend about college grads who have over $100,000 of debt, can’t find a job in their field and are working for $8.00 an hour with payments of $800.00 a month.  Do you know how long it will take that young person to pay off $100,000 debt? Right - basically forever.

And, of course, unlike working adults who get into too much debt, student loans can’t be defaulted on without serious consequences. So the trap has been set.  Are we as a nation deliberately handicapping our college students with overwhelming debt just like their parents were set up by credit card companies? We see how well the super consumerism backed of the 90s created bankruptcies in the millions, homes lost, savings devastated and lifestyles changed irrevocably. And, yes, being a Certified Money Coach and a therapist, I think personal responsibility is a must, but there's a responsibility that needs to be borne by the banking and financial institutions as well!

In order to maintain a middle class we have to keep public education available at reasonable rates. Pay particular attention to the privatizing of colleges which have astromonically escalated the cost of a college education!!  Enough – Get Angry and Take Constructive Action for your children and grandchildren now!! I'm curious what you think - how is the rising cost of a college education affecting your ability to send your children to college?