Change Your $$ Story, Your Life & The World

We're in a pickle of an economic crisis in this world. Every day I talk to people who have lost their homes, their jobs, their self-esteem and are floundering to find footing. First they have to restabilize their lives and once that's happened I challenge them to understand HOW they ended up where they did, without blaming or judging themselves. Take responsibility for YOUR part in what happened in your life because it is empowering and keeps you out of the victim role.

My coach and mentor, Deborah Price, founder of The Money Coaching Institute in Petaluma and author of Money Magic, says that money tyrants are plentiful right now (you know who they are - Bernie Madoff, Robert Murdoch, the investment banking industry etc.) and if those that are feeling victimized by what's happening don't change their beliefs they can get stuck in the victim mode, a state of powerlessness and blame.

One good reason to go through the challenge of looking at and changing your money story is to empower yourself to understand how you've come to have the relationship with money you have.With awareness comes  CHOICE over habit and therefore the FREEDOM to go where you want to go financially.

I know, I know - it's taking awhile to get to the change steps, but here are two:

1) Change is uncomfortable - Just accept this. When I feel that insecure "changey" place inside myself I take a breath and say "Oh, this is good - I'm moving in the right direction." When my coaching clients set goals for our work together I ask them to set "reasonably uncomfortable" goals that will stretch, but not overwhelm them.

2) Create new money habits: In my first book The Greatest Change of All I talk about the record groove of change. The new brain research reports we have "neuronal paths and neural nets, the highways and villages in our brain..." (Krueger) that occur with repeated thought, feelings & action.After writing your money history, pick a pattern to work on and list 3 action steps to begin the process of change. Now, how will you support yourself to stay focused on this change?

When we change our personal money story it  raises our money consciousness and this creates a ripple effect into our economy. "As we heal ourselves, we heal the world, one person at a time." (LTS - Intentional JOY)