Want More $$? Change Your Money Story

Yesterdays blog "What's Your Money Story?" asked you to write out your "Money Biography" from first memory to the present. I hope you took the time because it primes the pump of the unconscious to start feeding memories, feelings and images into your brain about your $$ history.

You'll notice that money crosses all boundaries and when you do this exercise not only will money memories surface, but lots of family stuff will bubble to the surface. How mom went behind Dad's back to give you money, that dad was stingy with John, but not with Becky, that Eddie stole the money from your piggy bank and wasn't punished. It's juicy territory, but wade carefully and gently.

If you want to change your Money Story, first  pay attention to what works and what doesn't. Appreciate what has worked for you. Really. Then ask what changes do I need/want to make?  If I want to make more $$, how much more, and WHAT will that really do for me? Be specific. Also take into consideration what it will TAKE from you to make more money. More time, hours away from home, a 2nd job, etc. We often want MORE $$ but don't often evaluate the costs.

To continue the process of rewriting your story here are  a few steps Dr. Kreuger lists in his article, "Understanding and Revising Your Money Story:"

1) Recognize authorship - this is your story - from what you learned from your parents, to your assumptions, convictions, behaviors about earning, spending and saving.

2) Own Your Story - Accept all the pieces because accountability is essential to changing our story

3) Assess plot & storylines: Look at and own the behaviors, secrets, hidden messages of the language you use to tell this story. Pay attention to your emotions.

4) Decide what to change. "A habit is not a definition or an identity; it's a choice that gets repeated." (Krueger) I've worked with the process of CHANGE since the early 90s. Changing something as complicated as the way you believe about money is not for sissies. This is why Bestsellers like The Secret don't make everyone a millionaire. Rule #1 - Expect to be uncomfortable. Rule #2 - We will resist change with everything we have. But there are strategies to make the process easier. More tomorrow about HOW to create change with your Money Story.