Money Doesn't Talk - It Screams

"Money doesn't talk - It screams."


Bob Dylan

Like sex in the 50s or family abuse secrets in the 70s, the subject of money is taboo.  Sshh... Don't talk about your money.

We don't talk about how much money we make, whether we can pay our bills or not, or the financial stress or hardship we're experiencing. It's embarrassing and we think we're alone, but we're not.  There's a saying from the field of psychology, that we're only as sick as the secrets we keep. And, money is the last taboo.

See if you relate to any of these thoughts or beliefs about money that Louse Hay discusses in her article, "Are You Friends With Your Money?"

* I can't save money

* I don't earn enough

* My credit rating is bad

* Why does everyone else have money?

* Bankruptcy is around the corner

Notice these are all fear based thoughts about money. Because of the economy there's a lot of fear and negativity stirring up our money issues. This is actually good if we take steps to not let the fear overwhelm our ability to take positive action by working diligently to be real about our fears and take our power back.

The first step out of money fear is to break denial and tell the truth to yourself and your spouse. Make a list of all the money you owe and the money coming in.  Create an action plan and look at your list every day while taking daily small incremental steps - pay $10.00 on PGE, talk to the bank, again, send out 10 resumes. Staying on track with an action plan will help you feel more in control.

Financial freedom takes work. You start where you are. Tell the truth, take daily steps, plan, stay conscious and don't forget to dream and envision what you want. The American Dream isn't dead, but it's been tarnished. It's up to us to shine it up again.