Retirement is NOT for broke women


Retirement is NOT for Broke Women!

Do you have retirement visions of taking a trip to Europe, spending a month traveling the U.S., or hiking the Appalachian trail? (Me neither on the hiking.) Did you know that most women retire without enough money to live comfortably let alone travel they way they would like.

Women also have to take into retirement planning the fact that we still make only 77 cents to the man’s dollar. And, research shows that women that divorce or are widowed are out of money within 5 years. It’s not fun or comfortable to face our financial realities, but better now than later.

Do you know how much monthly income you’ll need to retire at your current lifestyle? Have you actually sat down and calculated it out? Financial denial is not the same as a PLAN.

Here are three simple steps to get you moving:

1) Know what you can expect from social security. (You can request a statement that provides estimated benefits.)

2) Project out your estimated monthly income and expenses

3) Start saving NOW – no excuses.

Email me and I’ll send you a FREE copy of an easy to use retirement estimator my husband Dave put together.

"Single, Female, Retire….Broke" Modesto Bee June 19

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Personal Note

Whew – I have been caught up in fear recently because of some family difficulty. I’ve let the drama of a situation upset me and have been "what if’ing, blaming and projecting." Hmm…. This is not usual behavior for me and I’m reminded of the following quote:

"Nothing ever goes away until it has
taught us what we need to know."

(Frequency by Penney Peirce)

Apparently I need more understanding and releasing of the life lesson that’s up. I try very hard to be authentic and speak my truth and it’s not easy. We all have a lens made up of our beliefs, feelings, and experiences through which we see the world. Trying to communicate what I perceive as my truth isn’t always heard. Nor do I always hear what someone else is saying if I’m letting emotion override thinking.

If you’re experiencing family challenges, emotional ups and downs, illness, deaths, job loss or economic challenges – and who isn’t? –take a breath (or 30), try to step back and be the observer, think before responding, be gentle with yourself, get support, (thank you Dave & friends) and TRUST yourself and the Divine that at it’s core everything will be ok.

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