Cash Mobs & LookLocal: Have Fun & Do Good Locally

Cash mob’s are to generating cash for local businesses as flash mob was to spontaneous “planned” happenings at train stations, family parties, or events.  I first saw Cash Mob on Facebook and thought what an inspiring way to help locally owned businesses. 

The goal of Cash Mob is to encourage local shoppers to go to a small, locally owned businesses and spend $20.00 on a specific day. This creates cash flow for the local business, is FUN because you’re participating in something bigger than yourself and stimulates your local economy. Facebook your friends and target your favorite store!!

Two people are credited with starting Cash Mob’s. The originator was a blogger, Christopher Smith of New York in Aug 2011 and Andrew Samtoy, an attorney, independently started his own version in Nov of 2011. 

If you’re looking for a local Cash Mob business to support, Intrinsic Elements at 1214 J Street, downtown Modesto is hosting one on June 26th from 5:15 to 6:15 p.m. No set amount to spend, just go in, meet the owners Susie & Michellen!!

Along the same “stimulate the economy” lines is the 3/50 Project or LookLocal. There are a number of Modesto businesses involved: The Green’s, Bonnie J’s, Intrinsic Elements, to name a few.  “If ½ the working population spent $50.00 a month three times at locally owned businesses, on a national level, 64 billion dollars would go back into the economy.” (from 350 Organization).

So, go have FUN and do GOOD!!