Guest Blog - Eva Benoit

How Finances Can Impact Women, and What You Can Do to Fix Yours


Women have so many roles to fill in their everyday lives. From mastering their careers to juggling the responsibilities of motherhood, it can feel nearly impossible to fit finances into the mix. However, taking control of your finances is an important step to relieve stress, maintain a sense of independence, and build a better future for your family. If you need some help getting on track, try some of these fundamental finance tips.

Releasing Yourself from Debt
If you have a lot of debt, this is the first obstacle you need to overcome to take control of your finances. Debt can make you feel more stressed, depressed, and anxious. It’s hard to focus on other aspects of your life, such as building a successful career, getting your degree, or enjoying time with your family, so don’t let debt take over your life. Debt consolidation is a great option for women looking for a way to overcome their debt without any added stress. The best debt consolidation programs will refinance your current debt, such as student loans or credit cards, so that you end up with a single monthly installment. That means less stress for you and less worry over whether your bills are paid each month.

Taking Charge of Your Credit
Credit sort of goes hand in hand with debt. The more debt you have, the lower your credit score tends to be. Using too much credit, missing payments, or being late are all credit woes that can have a serious impact on your score. With lower credit, you have a lower chance of being approved for loans or even renting a home. You should get a copy of your credit report at least once per year and check it for any errors or signs of identity theft. Pulling copies of your report should be free and will not have an impact on your credit. If you do apply for any loans or offers, keep in mind that those hard hits can bring your score down as well. Many people are surprised by hard hits caused by signing up for a new cell phone plan or picking up a rental car.

Creating Sound Financial Goals
Getting your debt and credit under control are two giant steps in getting your finances figured out. Having the right financial goals can make you feel more confident about your future and give you peace of mind. Your own financial goals can depend on a lot of factors, such as your family, your career, or even your age. Women of varying ages are bound to have different financial goals. You may be more focused on creating financial independence in your 20s or primarily concerned with saving for a home in your 30s. Whatever your age, set goals that get you excited about the future and start working towards them. One goal women of all ages should keep in mind is retirement. It’s really never too early to start planning for retirement and thinking of how you will sustain yourself and pay for healthcare needs in the future.

Building a Budget That Works
Once you have your financial goals in mind, it’s time to start taking steps to achieve them. Your first step should be to put together a personal or household budget. You can find plenty of budget examples online and adjust them to meet your family’s needs. Start with a basic template and then adjust as needed to meet your financial goals. Many busy moms and women find it easier to keep track of their budgets by using a smartphone app. Apps and budget tools will make it easier to track and control your spending habits while keeping an eye on your goals.  Keep in mind that your budget has to be fairly comfortable if it is going to work for your family. Make paying bills and necessities a priority, but leave a little room for fun if you can.

 As a woman, you can handle anything this world throws at you, so don’t let your finances trip you up! Use these basic fixes to get back on track and start working toward a brighter future.

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