Guest Blog - Financial Stress Coping Guide For Seniors by Emma Mills

As we age, the number one cause of stress is financially related. During our life, at some point, 1 in 2 adults over the age of 40 will suffer from stress born from financial worries. This tends to be due to having a range of pressures such as; money, work, economy, family responsibilities, job stability, housing costs, all placed on us at one.

Notice the common theme here? Financial stress tends to get worse as we age. When you hit your 50s and move into your 60s, most will notice a drop in income, while options for finances such as mortgages and loans become more limited. Fortunately, the Financial Stress Coping Guide, has put together an easy to understand guide on how to cope with financial stress. Creating a plan and being aware of your current situation as well as getting expert advice should ensure that these financial pressures as you age shouldn’t get on top of you and cause sleepless nights.  

Ask your friends for a referral to a good Financial Advisor or Planner. Creating a plan that will ensure your financial health and happiness as you age is well worth the time and energy.