The Martyr Money Type is a Giver…With Strings!

The Martyr Money Type is a Giver...With Strings! Identifying your Money Archetype or Money Type helps you to more clearly your money strengths and weaknesses. With awareness there’s choice and the opportunity for change. There are 8 different Money Types.

The Money Type: The Martyr

As a woman in business, do you over-give to your family, friends and co-workers but have a hard time taking care of yourself? Do you shop for stress relief instead of going to the gym, taking a walk in nature, or talking with caring friends? Shopping may be therapeutic if you’re not stressing yourself with overspending or debt. If you give money to help others, often there are gooey strings attached. “I’ll help you out, but then….” And, self-care is often the last thing on the Martyr’s list and what they most need to change this pattern. The Martyr can limit beliefs about success or earning potential and burn-out is around the corner for this woman business owner. 

Take the FREE and FUN Money Quiz to see if The Martyr Money Type is more in charge than you’d like her to be. There are 8 Money Types and they aren’t WHO we are, they help us see how we’re showing up with money.  15 minute Consult available. 

When it comes to how we really are with our money vs. how we think we are there can be a vast reality gap. “Cognitive neuroscientists conclude that the self-conscious mind (the aware that we’re aware mind) contributes only about 5% of our cognitive activity.” (Bruce Lipton, Spontaneous Evolution) That means 95% of our emotions, decisions and actions are derived from the unobserved (underground) subconscious mind. This is where what we don’t know that we don’t knowabout how we’re showing up with money creates real blind spots in what we allow ourselves to earn, how we value the money we make and how we care and grow our money for the future.


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