Money Treasure Hunt: Tips on How I Found $1500.00 and How You Can Too!!

Women in business – Have you ever gone on a treasure hunt to find money?  I’m talking about your own money that’s hiding in plain sight.  Hiding where, you might ask? How many of you have storage units that are keeping your Very Important Stuff? Or subscription or monthly fees on credit cards you don’t pay attention to?  Pay attention because those “little” fees count up.

Tip 1:  Just because I'm a Certified Money Coach doesn't mean I do my money perfectly. But I'm getting better every day. I just cleaned out my storage unit and let me tell you I found $864.00 because that’s what I’ll be saving by not making that payment every month!!  I hate to think how many years I’ve been spending $72.00 every month and I don’t want to. This is a big reason as to why we go into financial denial. Either we don’t want to feel the pain of what we’re doing, or not, with our money, or we don’t know what to do, so we avoid thinking about it, or we worry.  Neither one is a good financial strategy.

Tip 2Carefully Evaluate subscription and membership fees on credit cards.  Yes, I have have more money in my bank account this year by scrutinizing the monthly membership charges on my credit card bill.  I eliminated a $60.00 membership fee in May – ($720 for the year found), and am cutting the cord on another one this week.

Finding money we may be "wasting" changes financial struggles to a fun treasure hunt. Saving money is as important as making money and it’s easier. As Robert Kiyosaki, the Rich Dad/Poor Dad author says: “More important than the money you make, is the money you keep.”  How much money will you find? Let me know!