Women in Business: Fear & Worry Like Monsters Under the Bed

I’m talking to women in business every week that are barely getting by and they’re scared. I understand. These women have lost their corporate jobs, many have started part-time Direct Sales or MLM type businesses and are struggling to get them producing enough income. After all, many start-ups are undercapitalized and it still takes 3-5 years to get a business off the ground.

Fear and worry are like monsters under the bed. They get bigger and scarier if we focus on them. What to do when fear or worry takes you down the slippery path of depression and non-productivity?

First thing, BREATHE. I know, it sounds like nothing, but believe me taking 10 breaths deep into your belly and exhaling fully reduces the STRESS response. As the body relaxes, the mind relaxes.  Then you can strategize.

Second:  Take stock – Don’t stick your head in the sand – analyze your finances – what cash is coming in and what is going out? Ask the question:  What’s the worse that can happen?  Now you know. Sometimes it’s not as bad as your worry has made the situation seem. Sometimes it’s worse. But you’re facing reality. 

Third: Create a Plan:  What can I do to generate money quickly? What does my business have that others need? How can I get in front of those people? Do I need financial help? If so, from whom might I get a short – term loan? (Friends, family, credit union?)  If you don’t have a business plan, get one – lots of on-line help available or SCORE exists in most cities.

Fourth:  Support – We all need at least one person who we can tell the truth to. Who will support us to look beyond our fears into our positive future. This Great Recession has knocked around the financial hearts and souls of women (& men) but we have to stay positive and proactive and focus on where we want to go and how we’ll get there.  Check out upcoming FREE Teleseminar: Strategies for Staying Positive May 24th http://lynntelfordsahl.com/strategies-for-staying-pos/?SSScrollPosition=0