Facebook Face Off At The Gallo Park

I’m going to rant a bit but first let me set the scene.

concert-in-the-parkMy husband, Dave and friends Dewey and Tammie, were all settled in with our blanket and chairs on a grassy knoll in front of the stage for the Gallo “Pops in the Park” event in Modesto, CA.

Mike Kavanaugh, from New York, was getting ready to perform his Elton John series. We were  relaxed and excited about the performance.

The music started and on the blanket next to us a 13-ish year old boy opened his lap-top (not a Iphone), a big lap-top, and starts Facebooking.  Now how do I know he was on FB?  Because the screen is right in my line of vision to the stage! 


computergeekI started fuming. Then I tried to ignore the screen, but it’s dusk and of course the screen is even more visible. Every minute that ticks by I’m more annoyed, but trying to be polite. Then finally, I'd had it. His parents are watching the concert, oblivious. So, I stand up and speak to the dad, “I think it’s really inappropriate to have a lap-top going when the concert is on. We’re just trying to enjoy the concert.” He says, “So, enjoy the concert.”  I reply, “That’s my point – I can’t – the laptop is right in my sight – it’s very distracting. We have so much technology around us all the time, isn’t it nice to take a break from it?”

Dad ignored me, but Mom intervened and asked their son to move to the other side of the blanket. Great, I now couldn’t see the screen and I guess if it bothered someone else they could speak up. My band of friends gave me the thumbs up, but the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth.

Here we are in a beautiful, outdoor setting and this young man wasn’t alone with his attachment or should I say addiction to technology.  He just happened to be the only one I saw with a lap-top. There was plenty of texting going on during the concert – and again I wonder – why can’t you  just be where you are – enjoying the people you’re with, smelling the air, feeling the grass, listening to the music?  I don’t get it. But I am curious, what do you think the boundaries of technology should be? Would you have said something to these parents? Would you allow your child to have his/her computer on during a concert?  Let me know. Rant over.