Money Magic Teleseminar – Stop Financial Stress Now!!

Take this Workshop to THRIVE and not just SURVIVE in this Economy:

Can you relate?

* The biggest source of STRESS in your life is $$

* You, or someone you know, has addictive overspending or hoarding issues

* You either avoid the topic of $$ or obsess and worry about it

* Your income ceiling is limitedand you don't know how to change that

* You've been through afinancial trauma: bankruptcy, job loss, credit card debt

* You want more Energy, Vitality & JOY to Create Your Next Financial Step


In This 4 Week Series Workshop you will:

* Identify your Money Type to Empower your $$ Decisions

* Learn How Your $$ Historyand $$ Scripts Block or Energize You

* Understand how your $$ History and $$ Scripts affect the money you make and most importantly KEEP!

* Identify your Money Type to illuminate perplexing patterns, habits & limitations with money

* Use guided visualization to connect with the “Power” Money Types of the Warrior & Magician

* Design the action steps to move out of Financial stress and into Financial Well-Being

* Supercharge Affirmations for FUN & Prosperity

If you’re ready to transform your relationship to $$, get your seat now for the Weekly Teleseminar, Every Tuesday in November, starting 8th 11:30 – 12:15 p.m. (PST). (Nov. 8, 15, 22, 29) -


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