Time is Money: Are You Guilty of These Time Wasters That Cost You Money?


Time is money. We women in business WASTE  a lot of time and that costs us money.

What are time wasters? To put it bluntly – anything that isn’t  making you money or leading to making money. 

I hate to say this but one of the biggest TIME WASTERS is  SOCIAL MEDIA!!  We love Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIN, etc., But have you ever tracked how much you time you spend/waste on it each day? Scary.

Social Media Time WASTERS

Set up guidelines or rules for when you’ll check FB, email, texts, Pinterest – the list goes on.  Really – putting in place this one rule of action will save you MONEY. Do you check your messages or texts rather than do SALES CALLS? Uh-huh, I thought so.  Enough said.

One other Rule: I recommend you turn off pings or alerts so they don’t pull you in. Really, if you’re not a social media expert who makes her living teaching others how to do social media – yours should not be on during your working day.  I check mine in the morning and sometimes at night – and yes, I still use email. 

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