The Money Types and Tracking Your Cash Flow

The Money Types are a fun way to identify the strengths and weaknesses that show up in our relationship with money. The Money Types are similar to personality or energy types.

The following are examples of how each Money Type might handle keeping track of their money. That includes money coming in, going out, bill paying and budgeting.

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The Innocent:  I Avoid most things having to do with making money or knowing what I’m spending because it makes me anxious.  

The Victim:  It’s not my fault if I’m not making enough money. If my parents hadn’t been such financial messes I’d be better at this.

Martyr:  If I don’t do it, no one else will and I’m too busy working to pay attention to the numbers.

The Fool:  I’m a risk taker and sometimes in business I hit it big. But it’s not fun to pay attention to a budget, so why bother?

Warrior:  I like knowing how much I’m making and spending – it gives me a sense of empowerment. 

Creator/Artist:  I live in conflict around money. I like having it, but to have to work for it can feel inauthentic. After all I’m an artist.

Tyrant:  I can’t control my business or my employees (or maybe my family) if I don’t know what my numbers are so I’m on top of it. But, I’m not necessarily happy.


I have trust and faith that my needs will be provided for because I do what’s necessary. I stay present and conscious with my finances and I’m generous in giving back.