The Greatest Change of All 
A Spiritual Novel

$14.95 (incl. tax)

Change is anxiety provoking because it requires us to move into the unknown. Change also pushes and tests us to step more into who we really are. If you’re going through a time of change - and who isn’t these days – experience, along with these delightful, inspiring women in The Greatest Change, how friends support, encourage, nudge and connect with laughter, food and spiritual wisdom.

This story is based on a women’s spiritual group I participated in for six years. I loved every minute and am so grateful to these women friends for all they gave and all we received from each other. I am thrilled to share this story with you and hope it inspires you to start your own women’s groups in your own unique & beautiful way.

“The Greatest Change of All, is like all wonderful Chicken Soup stories, it opens the heart. And, when we open our hearts, we change the world.”

Mark Victor Hanson,
author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series.