Are you looking for a speaker for your conference, keynote, or small group? 

Do you want someone engaging who can give your audience real takeaways? 

Finding the right speaker for your event can be such a drain of time and energy. It is even more frustrating when they show up unprepared, uninspired, or are just plain boring. 

I can provide your group with an engaging presentation that will give them real advice that they can use in that moment and beyond. In this stressed out society where so many people are in panic mode over the economy, I provide a window of hope to your audience. 

Some of my most popular talks include: 

  • Money Magic:  3 Steps to Turn Financial Stress Into Freedom
  • The Money Types:  Identify & Transform Your Money Patterns & Habits
  • 3 Steps to Turn Financial Stress Into Freedom
  • Mind Over Money:  How Financial Stress Hi-Jacks Your Brain & Best Laid Plans

So if you are looking for a speaker that is going to help your audience: 

  • Reduce Money Anxiety with Specific Strategies
  • Increase Financial Coping Skills
  • Be Motivated to Move Forward
  • Be Inspired to Reach Sales Goals
  • Have Fun Identifying Empowering or Limiting Money Patterns with The Money Type Quiz

Contact Me Today at or use my contact me page! You can also check out the talks I have given on my Speaker's resume, samples of the books I have authored, or my about me page to learn more about speaking style.