Prosperity, Power & Peace

I’m shifting my newsletter to quarterly so this will be a bit longer than usual.

Has 2014 been a FAST year or what? As I like to say, life is happening at the speed of light these days and we better hold on.

In the spring of 2015 LOOK for a new internet program I’ll be launching. Instead of publishing my e-book Prosperity, Power & Peace in a traditional way, I’m going to offer it in chapters. This is a book for women about money and Self. As I see MONEY, it’s not just about the ability to purchase it represents, it’s about personal and spiritual growth and the ability to CREATE enough of what we want for a happy, healthy life.

Do you notice the need to be able to respond and adapt quickly to the changes & challenges life offers? I sure do. I have a dear friend going through chemo treatments. My sweet husband Dave has owned his own business for 35 years – yeah!!  Dave had planned on reducing work to 1 day a week by the end of the year but because of “changes & challenges” will be working 5 days awhile longer. His attitude is great and his leadership inspiring!

Meanwhile, I have no plans of retiring. I still feel juiced by both my money & business coaching clients & my counseling practice and blessed and privileged to be of service - & it’s still FUN.

I don’t know about you but I get tired of the impersonal webinar and group approach to so much on the internet. I offer Business & Money Coaching with a Personal Touch thru Skype and by phone so even if you’re in New York  (link here to website coaching page) I’d love the opportunity to work with you.