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Intentional JOY

Intentional JOY: How to Turn Stress, Fear & Addiction into JOYFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Lynn Telford-Sahl
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INTENTIONAL JOY delivers a roadmap to unraveling the complexities of stress, anxiety, compulsive behavior and “Lite Addictions” that afflict the lives of millions of Americans, particularly in the midst today’s troubling, unpredictable economic times.

What happens when those who have been so stressed or anxious reach for the closest pacifier? Is it a glass of wine, a hit of pot or a trip to the refrigerator? They seek to distract themselves with a variety of unproductive and or unhealthy activities. It’s all part of the growing sense of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted that pervades the life of so many Americans. There are multitudes of examples. Here are a few of these stress generated behaviors:

Shopping- 49% overspent in a study conducted by MYVESTA a web-based financial health center. Credit card debt is emerging as a major national problem.

Internet Porn- 40 million Americans are watching with 10% to 15% clearly addicted. Pornography is a 10 billion industry in the U.S.

Fast food – Americans spent $6 billion in 1970. Today the numbers are in the hundreds of billions. Data from the National Center for Health indicate that more than 30% of adults are obese.

“Lite” addictions like these are used to curb the fear and stress that permeates ones life, particularly in today’s chaotic economic environment. These sometimes guilty pleasures help avoid pain or are justified as reward for hard work. But, while they can feel like a “fix” temporarily, they simply create additional suffering as they become habits that rob people of joy, fulfillment and the connection that brings real meaning and satisfaction to life. 

INTENTIONAL JOY explains common setups for addiction while showing that the solutions are not external (take another pill, build a bigger home, buy a better car). Overcoming addictions requires making tough, conscious, intentional choices away from the causes of additions. In a highly practical way, Intentional Joy shows how to take charge of the stress and anxiety that fuel both “lite” and full blown addictions. This book teaches three important body-mind skills that are simple to learn and can provide immediate relief. With practice, these skills can greatly improve the reader’s life satisfaction.

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Lynn-Telford Sahl holds an M. A. in Psychology with Holistic Specialization
Certified Alcohol Counselor Certification #034015
Certified in July 1989 Movement Psychology Training - 1989-1991
Certified Integrative Imagery - June 2004
Author: "The Greatest Change of All" (1999) Living in Balance Publications

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