Money Coaching - Summer Special


Money Coaching - Summer Special


Power UP Your Money
Money Coaching Summer Special

"75% of Americans say financial stress is #1 stressor." 
American Psychological Association

“I have achieved more goals this year than in the last 8 years of business."  
Mari Fernandez, Full Force Fitness, Central Valley, CA


Make More $$ - Keep More $$ - Build Wealth

Money Coaching Powerfully Shifts Your Money Mindset by:

  • Reducing financial stress
  • Clearing clouds of indecision, or insecurity about money. Your unique money story affects how much money you make and keep!
  • Releasing hidden blocks to success (Hint: Your money story holds the clues!)
  • Shift money habits that aren’t serving like over-spending, hoarding or debt challenges (Keep more of your hard-earned $$)
  • Freeing up blocks so you can set and achieve financial goals
  • Creating Proactive PLANS vs. Reactive Struggles
  • Have understanding and compassion about past money mistakes with self, partner or parents

Develop step-by-step $$ changes that stick!

Make More Money, Keep More $$, Have More FUN!!

The Money Coaching process is gentle, deep, effective and skillfully conducted. Clients report feeling supported, guided, surprised by the depth of understanding and change that occurs in the 4 Step Core Process and delighted with the results, especially over time.

“Lynn is a consummate professional who knows her stuff! I have uncovered so many blocks concerning money, myself and business success. It’s amazing!!" 
Kathy Harris, 3rd Paradigm, San Diego, CA

Summer SPECIAL - Limited Time ONLY
Money Back Guarantee

Limited TIME ONLY $899.00 ($400 savings!) 
Just reply to this email to take advantage of this limited time special and begin to develop step by step Money changes to Make More $$ - Keep More $$ - Build Wealth

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