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Karen DeJong Financial Group presents:


  • Do you hope that your finances will take care of themselves?
  • Do you wonder what the secret of financial success is?
  • Do you shop till you drop and later worry about debt?
  • Wonder if you’re saving enough for retirement?
  • Are you curious about what your Money Type is & how that relates to financial security?
  • Do you just want to be able to RELAX about money

In this informal, and yes, even FUN talk, Lynn will share some of  her hard won knowledge & research about how to feel and be more successful with Money!!

DATE: January 27th
TIME: 6:00pm - 7:00pm
LOCATION: DeJong Financial Group1214 11th Street, Suite 2C, Modesto, CA

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Lynn Telford-Sahl, M.A. Psychology, Certified Money Coach

Very Limited Space Call Karen DeJong 209 409-8759


Karen DeJong, has been in the financial advisory and retirement planning business since 1999.  Karen’s practice consists primarily of retirement and investment planning with an emphasis on building a client-advisor relationship built on the understanding that your needs and considerations will always be a priority.