Is the Economy is getting you down?

Did you know the #1 Stress for 80% Americans is financial?

Can you relate?

• You know what you SHOULD do with your $$, but can’t put it into action or stay consistent

• You either avoid the topic of $$ or obsess & worry about it – or bounce between the two

• You don’t charge what you’re worth

• You’ve taken other money seminars, but somehow the learning doesn’t stick (The secret has to do with hidden scripts & beliefs)

• You have $$ challenges like: overspending or hoarding

• You want more energy, JOY & vitality and are ready to Transform your relationship with $$

In this Workshop you will:

• Understand how your $$ History and $$ Scripts affect the money you make and most importantly KEEP!

• Identify your Money Type to illuminate perplexing patterns, habits & limitations with money

• Use the power of visualization to connect with the “Power” Money Types of the Warrior & Magician

Design the action steps to move out of Financial stress and into Financial Well-Being

Supercharge Affirmations for FUN & Prosperity

“Since I started the one on one Money Coaching work with Lynn I’ve had the best two months of my business ever.”

Renee Kee, Melaluca

If you’re ready to transform your relationship to $$, get your seat now.

When:  Sat. Oct 15  9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Location: TBA

Investment:  $97.00  $47.00 

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