Intentional JOY
How to Turn Stress, Fear & Addiction into Freedom 

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Brad distracts himself with fast food, video games and shopping. Mary gobbles chocolate to relieve anxiety. Joe loses himself in internet porn. Sound like you, or someone you know? These guilty pleasures temporarily “fix” pain but rob you of peace. Intentional JOY provides fast-acting mind-body skills that break the stress/anxiety cycle and put you back in charge!

“Lynn’s wisdom is hard earned. She’s been into the abyss herself, and shows you how to climb out of stress, fear and addictive habits (shopping, TV, food) we use to make ourselves feel temporarily better.”

Bill Manville,
author Cool, Hip & Sober, New York Daily News Columnist “Addictions & Answers”

“Lynn Telford-Sahl gets it. Her beautifully written book contains wisdom, humor, and practical strategies to head for joy and leave the addictions – including the “lite” ones – behind. She clearly shows the path to intentional, conscious living and those who follow her insightful approach will experience a new beginning and a life of fully realized potential.”

Kathleen Brehony, Ph.,
author Awakening at Midlife,

Ordinary Grace, After the Darkest Hour

“Lynn has taken her profound wisdom and life experiences and pulled together a remarkable and effective healing system.”

Maureen Minehan Jones RN, 
author Body Stories: How Your Body’s Messages Can Heal Disease

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“The first book I’d recommend.” 
Bill Manville, NY Daily News column, “Addictions & Answers”

If stress or anxiety about the economy or life’s challenges are causing you to overeat, shop though you can’t afford to, or exhaust yourself with busy-ness, Lynn’s mind-body strategies will shift you quickly back to feeling good. Yes, spending just a few minutes a day with relaxation practices begins to break the stress habit.

Included on this CD is a 30 minute overview of the “hit book” Intentional JOY that will help you understand the connection between stress and emotional upset and why you reach for those “lite” addictions, fast-food binges, or dissatisfying hours of TV.

These mind-body strategies are the “how” that allow you to safely go “into” rather than avoid stress or upset. You’ll discover the magic of taking your power back from stress or upset and with practice you’ll feel more in charge of your ability to create freedom and joy.