Financial Spring Cleaning

Spring is HERE and I don’t know about you, but I’m having Spring Fever. Besides cleaning out the closets in our homes, it’s also a great time to clean out the closets in our finances. Whatever we’re able to let go of creates space for new money flow.

Here are some easy ways to assess financial situations that are causing stress or anxiety. Let’s face it, most of us would rather have fun than pay the bills.

If you’re wondering what to let go of and how to turn past stressors into successes here are some simple suggestions:  Read More LINK HERE

1)   Make a list of financial worries – A few examples: not making enough money, not paying the bills on time, making plenty of money but not feeling in charge, not saving enough for children’s college, or for a cushion, health care, other.

2)   Set a Goal: Pick one of those worries to turn into a success by evaluating what’s going on. Are you paying enough attention to your money – I suggest weekly on-line bank check-ins. (I know scary in the beginning.) But it’s empowering to know exactly what your in-flow (income) and out-flow (expenses) are weekly. (I check mine 3-4 x a week!!)

3)   Take Action: There’s nothing like action to soothe the worried spirit. Set a specific action – Pay the bills every week and on time (even if it’s a minimum payment) by when: What’s the date you’ll start this action by? Put it on your calendar or SmartPhone.

Spring financial cleaning leads to summer growth and fall harvests of greater abundance so enjoy the process.  "I inspire and motivate women in business to make more money - by breaking through barriers to create prosperity and have FUN in the process!"