“Live Loves Me,” by Louise Hay

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is nearing completion. As I find myself saying often these days, “We are living at the speed of light.” Our mind can keep up, our bodies? Not as easily…

You might have noticed that this year I’ve gone from a monthly newsletter to a quarterly. What, you say? What happened to the fall edition?

About that… I just wasn’t up to putting one together. Caught up in personal grief and finishing my eCourse: Prosperity, Power & Peace, along with my counseling and coaching practices took all the energy I had to give.

Sept 16th, my sweet mother-in-law Jeanne, passed away at 91. 

She had a peaceful transition but her life wasn’t easy the last few years. Watching her go from a vibrant, kick in the pants woman, - she graduated with her LVN degree at 57 and gave the graduation speech, worked into her 70s and started probably the first meditation group in the Central Valley in the 60s. She was something!! She was full of laughter and kindness though life took her vision and limited her ability to get out and enjoy friends.

he dealt with all the changes gracefully, but after her husband Stan died the summer of 2014 she kept asking “When is Stan coming home?” Hard to accept your partner of 50+ years isn’t there. I can only imagine. Actually, I don’t want to imagine.

The many losses of family and friends I’ve experienced over the last few years makes me appreciate LIFE even more, though I’ve had my sad moments. I heard this quote from Louise Hay awhile back and immediately adopted it: “Life Loves Me.” And, I love LIFE!! 

Enjoy your JOURNEY every minute of every day – life is indeed short. Get the most out of the Holidays –make amends with those you need to, forgive those who need forgiven and get ready for the best year ever in 2016!  Why not – it’s up to us!!