4 Steps to Get More Out of the Money You Have!!


International Women’s Day
Financially empowered women have more freedom and ability to make a difference in their lives and the lives of their families, community, countries and the world.  We’ve made progress, but…
*  The average American woman earns $35,000
*  Only 5% of American women earn 6 figures or more
*  Women still earn 78 cents on the dollar compared to men

Things you can do:  Support women owned businesses when you can.  Support legislation for equal pay.


"Would your life satisfaction double if you made $55,000 a year vs. $25,000 a year?" Most people say yes.
But, research shows that those making twice as much money - 55K vs. 25K - were only 9% more satisfied than those making $25,000.
Happy Money's research also shows that once you're making about $75,000 a year, more money has NO IMPACT on day-to-day feelings of happiness.

Since making more money to be happier is really more of an illusion than reality, what can you do to ENJOY and VALUE the money you do have?

4 Steps to Enjoying the Money You Have:  Read More 

What Keeps You Up At Night Money SURVEY

What about your money keeps you up at night? That’s the question I asked in a recent survey.

The answer? Credit Card debt and making enough money.  Forty percent of you said managing your money well is THE biggest challenge. But you may not have thought of this connection: Is how you feel and act with money and with food similar? 42% said YES.  

Money & food are both core survival substances that can bring up all kinds of emotional stuff that isn’t about food or money at all. For example: If you overspend do you feel guilty? What about if you overeat? Often the same thing – guilt. Ever restrict your food (dieting) or go on a budget, only to fail and feel what?  Guilty… Getting to peace with our money and our food is really about finding peace and value with our SELF.

Susan Bremer O'Neill

I’m reading Susan’s book and love it. Her story is authentic and brave and very readable about her struggles as a woman trying to find herself. Though most of us will not be strippers (except in fantasy) Susan’s story is every woman’s story.

We’re all sold the illusion that celebrity and success, being thinner or sexier will make us happy or help us find the perfect man who will then make us happy. Of course, finding our SELF is the true happy ending and it looks like Susan’s well on her way to doing so!

From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal 
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