Time is Money: Are You Guilty of These Time Wasters That Cost You Money?


AH….I’m on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Yes, I’m working a little – not much and enjoying TIME with hubby Dave. We sit by the pool and read, play Scrabble (he wins) and Cribbage (I win) and walk on the beach, take naps. The biggest decision all day?  “Where are we going to dinner?”

We make decisions about time and money every day and one that Dave and I make each year is to live a SIMPLE lifestyle. We make good money, but we live in a small cozy home, drive economical cars – usually for 7 years – and are pretty thrifty with our money. We also take 4-6 weeks of vacation a year  - I think we’re part European.  Making the best money decisions isn't always easy - I help women make more money, manage it optimally and have FUN in the process is what I do BEST.


Time is Money:  Are You Guilty of These Time Wasters That Cost You Money?

Time is money. We women in business WASTE  a lot of time and that costs us money.  What are time wasters? To put it bluntly – anything that isn’t  making you money or leading to making money. 

I hate to say this, but one of the biggest TIME WASTERS is  SOCIAL MEDIA!!  We love Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIN, etc., But have you ever tracked how much you time you spend/waste on it each day? Scary...

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