Success Isn't Magic - Do More of What Worked in 2013!!

Success Isn't Magic - Do More of What Worked in 2013!!


Success isn’t magic, though sometimes when we look at others’ lives it can appear that way. What I know is that every successful business woman takes time to plan for her success. In fact, Katrina Sawa, Marketing Coach extraordinaire, once shared that 1 hour of planning saves 6 hours of WORK!! 

Where to start? With your TA-Da’s or successes from 2013. List 2 or 3 successes. That’s right – Give yourself credit for what you have achieved.  So often we’re focused on what’s not done or what’s needing attention that we gloss over our results. Once you’ve got your list breathe and take in the successes!!  Yeah you!!

Next, make a list of what didn’t work. One simple rule is to do more of what worked and less of what didn’t!!  That tip comes from Scott Adams of Dilbert Comic strip fame. In his book  How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big!, he lists the failures he’s had there were LOTS! However his optimism never failed him. I remember Mark Victor Hanson, author of the Chicken Soup series who said with every “No” he heard when selling insurance he would say NEXT. Let’s learn what we need from our mistakes and PLAN on doing more of what works!! 

Now, set 3-5 goals for what you want to achieve this year. Don’t play it safe – take risks – get out there!  Email me and let me know your goals and here’s to the magic of successful planning for you!!

Much JOY & Love to all of you - Lynn


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Money Circles Webinar for Business Women

These Money Mistakes Are Common with Women:


“I don’t like to think about money so I avoid the whole thing.”

“I worry about money all the time.”

“I spend when I’m stressed or anxious.”

“I keep putting off saving – for retirement or building a cushion against hard times.”

“I give to everyone else, but don’t save for myself.”

If You Are Struggling with Money – You’re Not Alone !!

Taking Charge of Your Money is about Putting Your Big Girl Money Pants On to make more money - break thru Money Barriers and Create Prosperity for yourself and loved ones.

When you shift your "inner relationship" with Money, you start thinking, feeling and acting in more JOYful, Energized and Focused ways with your money (& your life!!)

You're able to reduce financial STRESS and make better financial decisions!!

You’re able to make more money and BEST manage what you have to protect your future! 

Get Your Spot Now - I only offer this Webinar series two or three times a year – 6 women per group so you get individual as well as group attention.

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Thursday March 20th 2014

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