3 Steps to Change Fear with Money to JOY with Money

3 Steps to Change Fear with Money to JOY with Money

I know this isn’t easy, but the first you need to do is just name  what your worst fear is. Go, ahead. There, you’ve said it. Doesn’t it feel better to get that fear out of the closet and set it out on the table where you can see it’s not really the scary monster you were imaging. Or, maybe it is still scary, but once owned you’ve already taken the first step.

There are an alarming number of women who say “becoming a bag lady” is their worst fear. That’s frightening. But let’s say your fear is not quite that extreme. You might name going broke, bankrupt, losing your home, your job or having overwhelming debt. Awful enough, all of these.

The #1 mistake most make with money fears is AVOIDANCE. If you’re this person, take a breath. You’re in good company. But avoidance doesn’t solve the problem  - it actually makes it worse.

Here’s are 3 Steps to Move Money Fear towards Money JOY:

1)  Name the money challenge:  Believe it or not once you’ve named the problem you’ve begun FACING the problem.  Whew – Isn’t it better already?

2)   Name the feelings underneath the money challenge. Please don’t leave out this step. It’s common for guilt and shame to be at the top of our feeling list and we humans HATE feeling vulnerable. But according to Brine’ Brown, author of Daring Greatly, vulnerability is one of our greatest strengths. Feelings__________________ If we block our pain, we also block or numb our JOY.

3)  Write down one practical step towards solution of the money challenge. For example: If it’s debt, google debt consolidation companies, ask friends for references, contact a bankruptcy attorney to see what your options are.

Just take each challenge 1 at a time. You’ll get there if you do something each day and stay focused on the end result.

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“Thank you immensely. Your Money Coaching was lifesaving. Getting past the pattern of making money and losing it was a huge eye opener! I don’t have that pattern anymore. Thank you for sharing your gift and teaching from the heart. It’s never too late.”
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