Are You A Pusher or A Puller in Creating What You Want?

Since my sister Lane died in May I’ve been in a reflective mood. I read a phrase somewhere about pushing or pulling and that brought up for me how I’ve moved through life in the last 20 + years – and how Lane moved through hers. Me - pushing after my goals – first school then building an addiction counseling practice and coaching practice – writing books, driving myself to achieve. 
Lane was not very goal oriented, more of a puller and “be-er” than a driver. She’d sit for days creating a beautiful art object, tending her garden and before the drinking took over was quite good at pulling or attracting to her what she wanted and needed – simple things - a new customer, a praying mantis to visit her garden, a wonderful book to read.
I’m curious about pushing and pulling in terms of how we go after what we want in life - trying to MAKE things happen – this is what traditional society encourages  - get A’s, go to the best college, work hard and make lots of money. Or whether we can ALLOW what we want to come to us more by setting intentions and attracting to ourselves - more like a magnet than an anvil. Having both options feels more whole and less stressful, doesn’t it?
This isn’t a right or wrong type of question. I don’t know what you’ll come up with when you think about this, but I know for me there’s a shift going on and it feels like a sweet one.  I’ll let you know how it goes….and please do the same with me. (

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Next Group Starts July 25th 10:30am - Noon (PST)
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