Replenish, Restore and Have Fun

It’s February so I must be in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, probably jumping around aerobically in the huge resort pool. I know Dave and I are blessed to have the time and money to come here every year. 
And, I wish for each and every one of you time off, time away, time to replenish and restore and have FUN.
If you haven’t started a vacation FUND now is a great time to do so. Just $50.00 a month builds up fast and there are always great deals to be had. For Women’s Success Network (hyperlink to meet up) members contact travel agent Linda Carol (209-505-5916).  I’m sure she’s happy to work with any of you contemplating a vacation.
I’m excited to share that I’m writing an eBook: “Prosperity, Power & Peace: The Women’s Guide to Financial Freedom.”  You may have participated in a couple of surveys I sent to gather information. Yes, I am working on it during vacation. It’s wonderful to have the time and space and luxury to think about money (a big subject) and not just fit in 30 minutes here or 45 minutes there for writing.
I have a question I’d love FEEDBACK on:  What does the word prosperity mean for you? Please email me your responses and I’ll enter your names into a drawing for a Regal Movie Gift Card!
The publishing date I’m shooting for is June 1, 2013.  I so appreciate your good thoughts, well wishes and love for my current writing adventure.   
Much JOY & Love to all of you - Lynn

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Money Circles for Women - Webinar 
"If you're not powerful with your money, you're not powerful, period."  Suze Orman 
Do You Recognize Any of These $$ Scripts? 
• Someone will always take care of me financially 
• Money = love 
• There will never be enough 
• Rich people are greedy 
• $ is the only measure of self worth
Do You Have Any of These Financial Hot Buttons? 
• Avoid or Obsess about Money 
• Driven to succeed, but never quite get "there" 
• Have a $$ Ceiling that's frustrating
Have You Experienced Financial Traumas like
• Job loss 
• Home loss 
• Bankruptcy 
• Change in income & lifestyle
Are You Ready to 
• Feel empowered with your money decisions & choices 
• Break out of your Financial Comfort Zone & Make More $$ 
• Develop Financial Health & Have financial peace of mind 
• Know the significant, small steps to truly transform your relationship with $$ into Freedom
Women's Money Circles are designed to help you. Lynn has over 25 years of empowering women in groups to feel safe, supported and to have FUN!
“Lynn’s Money Circles Group was a powerful, eye-opening experience. I can see where unconscious beliefs about money came from (my money history) and the impact on my life. I love being able to put my ‘big girl money pants’ on to choose less stress and more flow.” Cheri Nikkel, Nikkel Marketing
Money Circles are conducted in small groups of 6-8 women.
Webinar Starts: March 14th
When: Thursdays starting March 14th - April 25th
11:00 - 12:30pm PT
Investment: $225* (save $70.00 Register Early by March 1) After March 1 Investment $295.00
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NEW: FREE Monthly Webinar:  Women’s Inner Money Game & How to Win It  
Next Date:  Thursday January 17th 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. (PST)
Let’s start talking about how money shows up in your life (or not).
This Webinar will be part Action – what you CAN and need to do to make more money or manage it better and part Attraction which is about how to maximize your Mindset, stabilize and increase Energy and buzz up your JOY.


Short Sales 
If you’re wondering if a short sale is a financially sound idea then  plug your figures into this short sale calculator developed by Julie Cosgrove.
Julie Cosgrove, Owner/Broker 
Keller Williams Realty office since 2004 
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Carolyn Lewis
“Carolyn is a miracle worker. When I'm feeling out of sorts and I need a boost, I call Carolyn. I feel back to myself and more when I leave the session. You don’t have to understand what she does, just try it and see how you feel. My guess would be: BETTER!!”  Lynn Telford-Sahl
I love working with accomplished, aware women who may be emotionally drained, physically exhausted and tired of settling, who want more energy, to restore their confidence, and regain a clear focus in manifesting their health and business goals.
I use Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, and Muscle Testing to clear and relieve past hurts, negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of you being your most magnificent self.
Carolyn Lewis
"Live Life On Purpose"
"Maximize your Energy, Eliminate Excuses and Go for it".